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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I haven’t ventured much into the world of online gaming, though I did play a furious session of Star Wars Galaxies while visiting a friend in DC once. For the most part, the closest I’ve come to that sort of thing is tooling around in Second Life. But there’s no question that some interesting things are going on in the gaming world. I recently discovered, for instance, that there is a talk show called This Spartan Life that happens within the game space of Halo 2, and the folks who run it were profiled on Studio 360 this weekend (Kurt Andersen even entered the game space). What a weird/crazy/fascinating idea. Chris Burke, who hosts the show through his avatar Damion Lacedaemion, is actually a guy who games with his kids. It’s pretty amazing that while he’s interviewing folks like Malcolm McLaren, the world is going to hell around them and other players are shooting at them. I guess it’s some sort of statement on art after 9/11, eh?

While putting together a MySpace page for my current place of employment, Subterranean Books, I decided to set up a page for myself--just to give the store another friend (ha!). What a total time suck it is. Goodness. But I’m always looking for new friends, so here’s the page if you’re interested.

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